Company Policy




By the Management of TOTEMA Engineering JSC, city of Sofia

in regard to the policy on quality  


Having in mind the new economic environment with the highly competitive market, to get prosperity and to further gain reputation on the market, TOTEMA Engineering Company has to rely mainly on the high professionalism, continuous improving and strengthening the quality of its work.       


Being deeply convinced in the necessity all the efforts to be exerted for achieving the above, the Management of the Company through the present declaration announces its intention and commits itself to undertake all the engagements, necessary for implementation of a Quality Management System, through which the main target to be achieved, namely:         




To realize its quality policy, the Management will work actively and purposefully in the following directions: 


  • To ensure that the quality will have major priority in the work of each unit of the Company, through setting it at the grounds of all market and functional strategies and plans.

  • To maintain high technological equipping through implementing of leading technological means in its activity.

  • To develop a new way of thinking and attitude to working in each employee of the Company, thus all of them be self-motivated for achieving high quality on personal and collective level in performing their working tasks.      

  • To continuously organize further training for improving professional skills and qualification of the staff, raising their self-motivation with the purpose of encouraging them provide highly-qualitative performance.

  • To define the rights, obligations and relations within each unit and to each member of the staff for realizing the Company activities.
  • To expand the activity of the Company through:

    - carrying out new activities;


    - manufacturing of new products; 


    - Preserving the function of exclusive authorized distributors of three large international companies; 


    - combining of the distributing activity with service activity at least for two large international companies; 


    - updating the web-page of the Company with providing references to the activities done in relation to the Quality Management System and the Environmental Protection. 



  • Participation in national and international conferences on the Quality Management System.

  • Development and improving of mutually favorable relations and collaboration with all our customers and vendors.

  • Ensuring and demonstrating to our customers, vendors and to ourselves the continuous improving of the quality.

  • Regular analysis and evaluation of the achieved results in the work on quality improvement and regular controlling of performing the tasks set. Requiring personal responsibility from the employees.

Every year tasks with particular measuring parameters will be set for fulfillment. 


To be ensured the observing of this policy, all necessary resources will be provided for the establishing and effective functioning of the Quality Management System, which is in compliance to BDS EN ISO 9001:2001. 


At the same time, the Management of the Company will require from all of the managers, specialists and workers to demonstrate in their daily work high professionalism, technological discipline and personal responsibility, to be well aware of the Quality Management System, to strictly observe the requirements, established in the documents on the system and to collaborate for its implementation and development.       


Herewith, in my capacity of Executive Manager of TOTEMA Engineering JSC, city of Sofia,





My personal commitment and responsibility for the fulfillment of the announced policy on the quality of the Company, which aims to guarantee lasting prosperity for the Company.






Executive Manager:

eng. L. Ganchev







by the Management of TOTEMA Engineering JSC, city of Sofia

in regard to the Policy on the Environmental Protection   


What the Management of the Company is well aware of, is that only through applying of a clear Policy for Environmental Protection and people's health, maintained by the whole staff and with defining of measures for prevention against pollution and continuous improvement of the environment, good grounds are to be established for gaining reputation and winning approval for the Company among the Customers, the general public and the country.


Considering the above, the Management observes the following




while carrying out its activities: 


1. Active prevention work for avoiding the mistakes. 


2. Continuous evaluation on all levels on the way of use of the materials, raw materials, energy, water, on the emissions' levels, waste products and the alternative possibilities for using them, which provides possibilities for finding ways to reduce the impact of those processes on the environment and to bring this impact to its necessary and required limits.     


3. Quality evaluation of the impact of the activities and operational processes, which are used, on the environment, taking in consideration the energy consumption, emission of noxious combinations and the produced waste. Increasing the safety of the manufactured products and continuous improvement of the projects' level.   


4. Implementation of modern and ecological technologies - way of raising the competitiveness of the Company. 


5. Implementation of state-of-art technologies, entailing a positive costs effect for the Company, meanwhile reducing the impact on the environment. 


6. A significant element in the Company policy is maintaining of conformity with the legislative requirements and with all entities, related to our activity.


7. To respond properly to the requirements for manufacturing, environmental protection and the market, the staff will aim to correctly understand and implement the policy of the Management, namely:



    • to undertake its tasks and responsibilities with positive attitude and self-motivation; 


    • to effectively contribute for its continuous development and improvement. 


To this end, the Management will run an active training system, intended to cover all the employees, including the subcontractors working for the Company. 


8. Each member of the staff will have clearly defined responsibilities and powers, with the purpose of creating an atmosphere which favors the further development of the initiative and the purposeful efforts for improvement and success. 


9. For reaching the set goals all possible efforts will be exerted for duly providing of all necessary resources from all possible legal sources.


10. This policy is maintained open for the general public, with all the intentions and general targets of the Company being declared herewith. 


The Management of the Company is deeply convinced that following the major principles of the policy on environmental protection, the Company will satisfy the needs of all related parties of: 


    • improving the effective use of fuels and natural resources /energy and water/ consumption; 


    • efficient management of the noxious emissions in the air and their reducing to the limits, established by the regulations. 



The Company commits itself to: 

    • effectively manage the waste utilization;


    • reduce the pollution, caused by the waste produced from its relevant activities to the possible minimum, as per a program approved by the Company;

    • implement technologies for utilization of the waste products.



The Management of the Company commits itself to maintain an effective and efficient Environmental Management System, which to be continuously evaluated with taking all measures for its continuous improvement.






Executive Manager:

eng. L. Ganchev