PROSTEEL EOOD, town of Dimitrovgrad



PROSTEEL EOOD, Sofia Company was registered on 11.12.2007.


  The Company branch in Dimitrovgrad develops its activity from August 2008 in the ex-repair mechanical base of MINSTROY AD. 


  50 qualified employees with two technologists work here and over 30 tones steel structures were manufactured on the project ALSTOM for TPP Maritsa East 1.


  The Company realizes manufacture, assembly and implementation of various kinds technological equipment and steel structures in the area of power engineering. 


  • Burner equipment (dust and oil burners); 


  • Crushing of lignite and brown coals (fan mills); 


  • Preliminary preparation of the coals: screening, crushing and classifying of foreign bodies (crushers and screens); 


  • Silo equipment and dosing devices (dosers, feeders); 


  • Sample extracting systems for coals; 


  • Heating surfaces and heat exchangers; 


  • Sulfur purifying systems, nitrogen purifying systems, electrostatic and sleeve filters;


  • Elements for filtering systems for gypsum dewatering   


  • Elements for filtering systems for gypsum dewatering     


  • Air ducts, gas ducts, etc.  




  Although working for a relatively short time, PROSTEEL EOOD has well established long-lasting business relations with several well-known companies and works on joint projects with: 


  • TPP As Pontes, Spain


  • TPP Boxberg, Germany  


  • TPP Maritsa East 3 


  • TPP Maritsa East 1  


  The main task force in Prosteel OOD works on the refurbishment of TPP Maritsa East 3 from Units first to forth since the beginning of 2005.



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