Gypsum dewatering plant in TPP Enel Maritza East 3

Gypsum dewatering plant in TPP Enel Maritza East 3 24.07.2009

Within the implementation of the environmental development program of TPP / Thermal Power Plant/ Enel Maritza East 3 the construction of Gypsum Dewatering plant was set up.
TOTEMA Engineering JSC undertook the role of a chief contractor after being selected as the most reliable partner among world recognized companies in the field of power engineering and industrial construction.

The scope of the contract includes design, construction, manufacture and erection of steel  structures , supply and installation of technological equipment, adjustment, commissioning and management of the installation and the project has been implemented as a turnkey project.

The project objective is to make use of the end waste product of the FGD (flue gas desulfurization) installation – gypsum as water suspension which, after processing, should be suitable for application in various fields of industry (in this case for the production of gypsum board), as well as compliance with the environmental standards.

Gypsum is a waste product derived from removing the sulfur dioxide from flue gases. After flue gas processing, the suspension with solid substance concentration of 50% is passed to a dewatering installation. In order to keep the quality of the end product, during transportation, strict limits, related to the suspension temperature and transfer speed, should be observed. Water is separated from the gypsum using vacuum belt filters and the already dried gypsum, with humidity of 10%, is transported to the warehouse for later use. The water derived from this dewatering process is returned in the FGD installation for reuse. The technological process is completely automated.

The project started in September 2006 and was successfully completed in the middle of 2009. During the construction of the Gypsum Dewatering Plant, more than 15 highly qualified specialists from TOTEMA Engineering EAD, and over 300 people of executive personnel participated.

Over 900 tons of steel were used for the establishment of steel structures. The reinforced concrete construction has a capacity of 7,000 cubic meters of concrete. During the project implementation TOTEMA Engineering JSC strengthened its trading relations and proved to be a reliable partner of world famous companies in the field of technological equipment supply - RPA, NASH, Munsh, Habermann, Siemens and others. The installation control systems have been delivered by Siemens, the vacuum pumps have been delivered by Gardner Denver Nash, the vacuum filters have been supplied by RPA France, the pumps for gypsum slurry – by Habermann, etc.

The plant was established on the territory of TPP Enel Maritza East 3 with a built-up area of 1,457 sq. m. and total built-up area of 3,717 sq. m.
So far, in the world practice, a Dewatering installation of gypsum slurry has not been constructed at more than 650 m away from the FGD installation. This is the first project of a kind, completely implemented by a Bulgarian company.