Gypsum storage and transport system in TPP Enel Maritza East 3

Gypsum storage and transport system in TPP Enel Maritza East 3 18.01.2010

The Gypsum Storage and Transportation System constructed by TOTEMA Engineering  JSC is intended for transportation and temporary storage of gypsum, produced in the Gypsum Dewatering plant (GDP) of TPP Enel Maritza-East 3”.
Through the transport system, gypsum can be stored in a sheltered warehouse, with a capacity of 5,000 t (4 sections x 1,250 t), delivered to the open-air warehouse (in the future in a silo, as well) of KNAUF, can be loaded on train, and on trucks, as well.
The Gypsum Storage and Transportation system consists of 14 units of belt conveyors, 4 of which movable, with total length of 600 meters, designed, produced and installed entirely by TOTEMA Engineering JSC, 9 units of transfer chutes, 2 units of railway tracks for loading on trains, 4 units of loading chutes for trucks, closed gypsum warehouse consisting of 4 sections with capacity of approximately 1,250 t each, electrical installation of 0,4 kV, digital control system, video monitoring system, supporting structures and facilities.
The system designed by TOTEMA Engineering JSC provides continuous transfer of the produced gypsum to the main storage premises, unloading platforms, and end consumers – to the KNAUF plant, to a closed warehouse and to railway and road loading stations.
Thanks to the high professionalism of the employees in TOTEMA Engineering JSC, in the beginning of 2010 the Gypsum transport system was completely finished and put in normal operation.