Design of main pipeline for Stomana Industry

Design of main pipeline for Stomana Industry 04.03.2010

The experts of TOTEMA Engineering JSC made the detail design an entirely new main technological water and air pipelines under the assignment of “Stomana Industry” SA.

The furnace, being constructed on territory of the company, requires the construction of a pipe route for water cooling, from the pumping station to a third furnace of electrical steel production workshop. The length of the main pipeline is more than 700 meters, with a diameter of 600 mm, and capacity of approximately 2,000 cubic meters per hour. The route construction requires also changes to be made in the other existing on the territory of the company pipelines.
Totema Engineering also designed the internal workshop pipelines – from the main pipeline to the furnace, and the duct flange, and the back way, as well. The length of the internal workshop routes is 400 meters, and the diameter of the designed pipelines – 400 and 500 mm.
For the needs of “Stomana Industry” SA, TOTEMA Engineering also designed a new airpipeline for technological and instrumental air. 4 main connections are being constructed, from the newly built compressor station: to a newly built sleeve filter, to the torque machine, to a carbon station and to the bunker trestle.
Air consumption is 6,000 cubic meters per hour.